Sponsoring or Patronage

Whether it’s books, exhibitions or reports, our awareness-raising initiatives can only be carried out with the support of public institutions, foundations and patrons.

Since 2001, the Argos collective has been stimulating public debate through the production of its documentary series and travelling exhibitions, in which our reporters take part. We also regularly take part in conferences and roundtables at major international events, schools and institutions.

In this way, the collective raises public awareness of the ecological emergency, from climate refugees to ocean grabbing. It also highlights promising initiatives such as reducing our ecological footprint. Published in French and international magazines, our series have received the support of prestigious sponsors such as Jean Jouzel, François Gabart and Kofi Annan.

Would you like to take part in an ongoing project? Help us disseminate it in the form of an exhibition or book? Take part in other projects with a Collectif that has been working for 20 years on major, hopeful issues?

Join the Collectif Argos partner’s club !

If you opt for corporate philanthropy, the tax system is favorable! Your company will benefit from a corporate tax deduction of 60% of the amount of your sponsorship, up to a limit of 0.5% of your company’s sales excluding VAT. So, after tax deduction, financial support of €10,000 represents a real cost to your company of €4,000. We’ll work with you on the details.

Through its books and exhibitions, the Collectif ARGOS also has experience in sponsorship, and has forged partnerships with high-visibility spaces.

The Amer(s) series is exhibited in various stations in France thanks to a partnership with Gare et Connexions. It will also tour major international events such as the World Conservation Congress, organized by the IUCN in Marseille in September 2021.

For our empreinte series, a major international exhibition at Paris City Hall attracted over 16,000 visitors in two months during COP21. As for the “Climate Refugees” series, it was exhibited on the façade of the French Embassy during COP15 in Copenhagen.

Other forms of sponsorship are possible, depending on your budget and your marketing and communication objectives.

Many thanks to our partners! For 20 years, their financial support has been essential to the ARGOS Collective's projects.
Thanks also to our distributors, who bring us visibility and notoriety.