Jeromine Derigny


I’ve been a photographer since the 2000s, I focus on social and humanist themes. I work on sustainable futures, generating social links, in France and around the world.

Linking the local to the global is a constant preoccupation in my work: through the subjects I choose, I show the impact of man’s actions on the environment, and the relationship he derives from them. From then on, I ask the question of how man can be an actor in his own environment, and establish constructive social links.

So many reflections on the mutations and major challenges of this world, be they related to climate or urban planning, in any case anthropogenic.

My photos have been published in the french national press (Figaro magazine, Géo, Kaizen, Pèlerin in particular), the children’s press (Phosphore, We demain 100% Ados, Okapi) and the online press (Reporterre, Enlarge your Paris).

“Grande commande photo” for photojournalists supported by the BNF (French national library)
Bretagne Culture et Diversité “Migrations bretonnes” grant
3P Yann Arthus-Bertrand grant for Fair Trade
Prix Kodak de la Critique for “Privés d’enfance”

Mob : portrait réalisé par Mary-Lou Mauricio pour le projet Born in PPM
Amapien à la Ferme des Rufaux. 2015
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