reporters committed to sustainable sustainable development

Who are we?

Collectif Argos is an association of journalists (photo, video, sound) created in 2001. The Collectif Argos is particularly well known for its major environmental awareness campaigns, combining exhibitions, books and press/television broadcasts, such as Réfugiés Climatiques, Empreinte and Amer. These documentary series have made their mark on major international events with flagship exhibitions and screenings: Climate Refugees at COP15, Empreinte at COP21 and Amer at the IUCN International Congress, as well as the One Ocean Summit. Each project benefits from a press release of the parts of each series, then is disseminated in the form of traveling exhibitions, an eponymous book and a dedicated website.

The members of Collectif Argos are internationally-recognized journalists: they have received numerous photo/video/press awards, and their reports are published in media around the world.

How do we work?

The members of Argos are all journalists with a background in feature reporting. They have chosen to work together in the same direction, while each retaining his or her own perspective and style. Their documentary work can be photographic, written, audio or filmed.

They are committed to documenting the major social and environmental issues shaking the planet today. Their approach is to take the time to investigate, meet people and tell stories, in order to give a central place to human beings, and to promote concrete, sustainable solutions.

The collective’s approach is committed in the sense that our series take place over several years. Journalists are remunerated through the distribution of their work. Production and project management are financed by the press, institutions, foundations and patrons.

How do we seek to make an impact?

Each documentary series is designed to appear in the French and foreign press, to reach citizens locally through exhibitions and conferences, and finally to reach individuals through the publication of a book.

Thanks to this approach, the Argos collective raises public awareness of the ecological emergency, whether it’s the question of climate refugees or ocean grabbing. It also highlights promising initiatives such as reducing our ecological footprint.

The collective’s latest series on the oceans has been widely published in the national and international press, including Le Figaro Magazine, Le Temps, Le pèlerin Magazine, Le Guardian… and broadcast on France 24 and ARTE. Overall, it has already attracted a cumulative audience of 15 million.

How do we finance our projects?

Collectif Argos is an association under the law of 1901, which relies on partners to produce documentary series and distribute them to a wide audience. We have already received support from ADEME, the French Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition, the French Biodiversity Office (OFB), 1% for the Planet, the Iris Foundation, the Lemarchand Foundation, the Lagardère Foundation, SNCF Gare & Connexions, the Paris Town Hall…