Ocean the Boomerang

“Ocean and climate, the boomerang” is the new series by Collectif Argos, currently in production.

A carbon sink and the lungs of the planet, the ocean has always played a vital role in regulating the climate. But today, it’s the climate that’s disrupting it.

Loss of biodiversity, melting ice, rising temperatures… global warming is having devastating effects on the ocean. And therefore… on humans! Because this incredible expanse of water, which covers 71% of the earth’s surface, provides us with essential services. Services that are under threat.

After raising the alarm about the sea grab, the Collectif Argos wants to put the ocean at the center of climate issues. The team of journalists and photojournalists is embarking on a major documentary series on the dangers of global warming on the ocean. They will be investigating the major impacts in France and around the world:
– Rising sea levels
– Acidification
– Deoxygenation
– Slowing of ocean circulation

Each of these major impacts will be examined in terms of their consequences for eco-systems and human beings. By telling human stories, the Collectif Argos will show just how much mankind risks losing and has already lost.

Océan et climat, le boomerang will be a series of text and photo documentaries.

Our aim is to reach out to the general public and make a lasting impression.
The series will be available in a number of formats: the press, a major exhibition, a book and an interactive platform.

The Paris exhibition will be on the quays of the Seine, in partnership with the Mairie de Paris. It will be held for one month in September 2024.

The subjects covered by Collectif Argos journalists will be published in the French and international press.
An interactive platform: The platform will complement and extend the exhibition. It will integrate multimedia elements and present the project’s various media in the same way as the Empreinte or Amer website.

This project is supported and financed by the IRIS foundation, the Lemarchand foundation, the Citizen Press group and the Léa Nature foundation.



Fondation Iris
Fondation Lemarchand
Citizen press
Fondation Léa nature

The first people to be affected by deoxygenation are fishermen, who have seen their activity decline over the past 20 years due to the lack of fish.